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AIR Georgiana, AL

The goal of the AIR Georgiana musicians-in-residence program is to give musicians the space and time to practice their art and make Georgiana, Alabama, a destination for musicians and music lovers from all over, revitalizing the city through the musical arts.

Like AIR Andalusia, AIR Georgiana will focus on renovating existing buildings and constructing environmentally friendly artists’ residences and studio/teaching spaces.

Located in South Alabama, Georgiana is the boyhood home of Hank Williams, Sr., and home to the Hank Williams Museum, the Hank Williams International Society and Fan Club, and the annual Hank Williams Festival.

You can be a part of AIR Georgiana

We are currently fundraising to purchase a building for Georgiana Music, a unique music store and gathering place whose proceeds will help fund AIR Georgiana.

Donate here and help us launch Georgiana Music.

For questions about the AIR Georgiana musicians-in-residence program, contact Sue Wiggins at swiggins@airartists.org.

AIR Georgiana Advisor

Richmond Culp, a lifelong musician, is program director for AIR Georgiana. An educational rep for an Alabama-based music company, Rich also teaches tuba, trombone, and bass, has toured and recorded with multiple bands, and currently plays bass guitar in the band About Time.