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Welcome to Artists in Residence

AIR Artists is an innovative artists-in-residence program. We help revitalize small towns by creating dynamic arts and crafts scenes celebrating the regions’ natural resources. By developing unused properties and building environmentally friendly residences and studios, we create a vibrant and creative community in which artists live and work and visitors learn about the arts while exploring the city’s rich culture.

Artists apply for a two-year program, during which they have the space and time they need to explore new ideas within their chosen mediums. Architect Steven Bingler has designed comfortable eco-friendly Shibusa cottages that blend with the landscape and provide a soothing respite from the outside world.

Supported by grants and philanthropy, each AIR site is independently funded and self-sustaining. Participating artists donate a portion of their work to the AIR art collection. Artists in residence and invited guests conduct workshops, and onsite retail stores offer artists’ wares for sale.

Our inaugural AIR Artists site, Andalusia, Alabama, is a former textile town and celebrates the textile arts.

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Mission Statement

AIR Artists, Inc. supports local creative endeavors by promoting a renaissance of communities’ investments in their natural and artistic resources.